, Can You Get a Green Card with Biden’s New Green Card Plan?

Can You Get a Green Card with Biden’s New Green Card Plan?

Hi everybody, this is Jerry Gerritsen Tabia Law. Happy to see everybody today. We’re gonna talk briefly about Joe Biden’s new plan and whether or not you can get your green card doing his new visa, his new plan. Technically it’s not a visa, it’s temporary parole for certain groups of people, and we don’t.

Let’s talk today about Joe Biden’s new plan came out first part of January. It’s the progress process for. Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans. Basically it’s a humanitarian scenario for those countries that have sit bad situations and the visa, actually, it’s not a visa, I’m sorry. It’s temporary parole and it’s what it is.

It’s the old I 1 34 that you use for affidavit support and to make sure that the person that’s sponsoring the foreign immigrant coming. Or the foreign person is financially supported. And so now of course I said that I nine I’m sorry, I 1 34. However, it’s not exactly the I 1 34, it’s the I 1 34 A and the I 1 34 A acts not only as affidavit support.

So the, you have the US citizen green card holder that is supporting the foreign party that’s coming. The Foreign national, what they have to do is say they’re vouching for that person. They’re saying, I will support them. That’s the I 1 34 here. I 1 34 A is, not only is it your support, the sponsors US citizen, but it’s also that I 1 34 A.

That document acts as a visa or acts as your travel documents that you present to the customs and border protection at the portor, at the Okay, so it’s, it’s a whole different deal. Normally you have an underlying visa. That gets you into the country. But in this sense, in this case, it’s is used in this document.

And I 1 34 a, don’t confuse you with the I 1 34. This gets you in the country and it acts as kind of an a visa, passport, whatever not passport, but it’s temporary parole. But this is your travel documents to get you in this country. Now, here’s a question. This document. Can this eventually get you a green card?

The answer is no. All right. The I 1 34 A, this new program that Joe Biden has is humanitarian. It’s temporary. It’s a non-immigrant. Scenario. It’s not an immigrant where you’re here for the foreseeable future. You’re here for two years and then you go back. Now here’s where it can turn into a green card, is if you’re here, you meet somebody, you get married, not for immigration benefit, but because you love them, you wanna spend the rest of your lives with with them, then fine.

Now you can adjust status, okay? And get your grant card, but you’re not doing it on the tps, on on this new program. That’s not getting you to the green card. You’re taking an extra step. You’re doing it, you’re getting your green card in, in another way, okay? But it does help to be here in this country so that you don’t so you’re here and then you can stay doing it with a marriage.

Or if a business hires you, they do an H one B visa for you or an EB two or three, the EB two or threes, you do have a pathway to a green. H one B? Not necessarily yet. There’s still a couple more. There’s still another step to go on that. But anyway, so that’s, that’s the answer for you. That’s this new.

Program gets you your green card. No, it does get you here. Does get you here for two years and from there you can find another way to get your green card legally. Alright, so that’s it for today.

We are in Genesis 2:7 The Bible says, And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

You guys have a very good day and we’ll see you next.

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