, Cats Asylum Fails

Cats Asylum Fails

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Hi everybody, this is Jerry Garson Tabia Law. We’re gonna be talking about cats today. Okay. And we already talked about the very little creatures. No, we’re not gonna be, although I love cats and I had a Russian blue for years and years and years and loved it to death. But. We’re actually gonna be talking about something different.

Cats, meaning convention against Torture. And c a T. This is what you’re gonna want to use, actually, you’re gonna want to use it if you’re doing asylum. And this is where you, you’ll see this oftentimes, you’re gonna want to use this along with. Your asylum claim. Generally, folks come into this country, they’re filing an asylum claim, they’re having issues in their own country.

There’s they’re either being persecuted or they have a credible fear of persecution on for five different reasons. There has to be that nexus has to be being persecuted for one of those reasons I just mentioned. That’s asylum and asylum’s. Hard to prove. Asylum’s, hard to get approved. So a lot of people claim.

Not many actually are. Relief under asylum. One of the things that you’ll see, especially today in the covid world where everything seems like it’s taking forever and that’s starting to clear up a little bit, is that once you send in your application and you’re waiting. For the adjudication for the court to make a decision on your asylum or even to get a court date.

It could be a couple years, it could be a long time. And so you stay in this country until they finally adjudicate. And or you go to court and they’ll say, yes, you can stay. Or they’ll say, no. We’re, we’re, we’re gonna denial your asylum claim. That’s the situation. Then you’re looking at removal, of course, until you’re in court, you’re here and you’re allowed to.

Work permit within six months and start working while you’re waiting for the government to make an adjudication. This is even before they’ve approved your asylum claim. So just to know, this is where Kaz comes in, and as a practitioner, I would recommend that you file both at the same time depending upon what your situation is.

But generally you’ll, you. File both not only your asylum claim, but your cats or your convention against torture. The idea why you would want to put that as part of your defense mechanism is so that you’re or to keep you from being removed from the country basically, or deported. All right? And so if the asylum fails, then you, then your backup is the cats, which is already there, and then you just argue the convention against torture.

Different, it’s a different standard. It’s a different situation than it is with asylum. What it pretty much sounds like is, is there a situation where we’re actually being tortured and we can have a long discussion on that. Again, people that claim asylum are either being persecuted and so torture can fall right into that persecution and or there’s a credible fear of torture.

Now for Little bit different standards. So you’d have to look at that convention against torture. You’d have to look at the low, closer, but it’s still a possibility. Now, if they deny your asylum and they allow the, allow you to not be removed, all right? If they use cats in a successful way, convention against torture, that they allow that and allow you to not be removed from the.

And that’s great. Then you’re here. It’s you’re not being removed, but still you’re not working or you’re not it’s not a pathway to a green card or asylum is they. You get an approval on your asylum claim that is a direct path to a green card. So anyways, you always generally wanna do a cat’s convention against torture defense to, so that if the asylum claim fails, then you’ll have to.

Which is the convention against Torture. All right, lemme go ahead and read this. The Bible says in Genesis 2:8 And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. You guys, have a great day and we’ll see you next.

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