, Get a Green Card NOW! This is the Reason Why

Get a Green Card NOW! This is the Reason Why

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Tabea Law, PC provides top-notch legal services focusing on putting your immigration dreams on a fast-track trajectory from start to finish! Our services cover all immigration and related matters, including green cards, adjustment of status, U.S. citizenship, immigration visas, non-immigration visas, business visas, removal law, asylum, and more. Thanks for watching the video. Hi everybody. This is Jerry Gerritsen Tabia and law. Uh, today I wanna talk about getting your green card and getting your green card now. Uh, we don’t know, uh, how the, uh, immigration and climate’s gonna change in the next couple of years. We know what it is now. And, uh, it’s a good idea that if you are in a position to get your grain, Don’t hesitate. Okay. Thank you so much. You guys have a great day.

Hi everybody. This is Jerry Gerritsen Tabia and law. Uh, today I wanna talk about getting your green card and getting your green card now. Uh, we don’t know, uh, how the, uh, immigration and climate’s gonna change in the next couple of years. We know what it is now. And, uh, it’s a good idea that if you are in a position to get your grain, Don’t hesitate.
Get it now. And we’ll, we’ll be talking about that. You’re gonna wanna listen to the whole video here. I’m gonna try to keep it short and concise, but I wanna have, um, something special at the end. So you don’t wanna miss that. Okay. So we’ll talk to you soon.
Hello, my name’s Jerry Garson Tabia law. And, uh, we’re gonna be talking about green cards today. And, uh, the name, the title of this video is get your green card. Now don’t wait. Okay. Before we do that, I wanna go ahead and implore you to go ahead and subscription. And as we can get further videos like.
Coming your way. You’ll be, uh, you’ll know, uh, they’ll notify you when it happens. And what you have to do is you have to hit that bell right there, like the video, if you like it. And, um, again, subscribe, uh, this is a immigration, uh, law firm. And what we do is we focus on nothing but immigration. That’s, all we do is immigration.
Okay. And so I wanna make sure that you know, that, uh, if you have. If you yourself, if you have relatives that need immigration help, this is a place to come. Let me be your guide to the immigration world. And, uh, let’s go ahead and get started. Now. I am gonna lay out, uh, several ways for a person to get their green card and I wanna try and do it fast.
Okay. So I’ll talk fast. You have to listen fast. So here we go. Uh, the first way to get a green card is family. Immediate relative spouse, parent, child, or brother, sister. So of a us citizen or a green card holder. All right. So a green card holder or a us citizen can sponsor a foreign immigrant, get the green card.
Now, if you’re married, Probably the easiest way to do that. If you’re married to a us citizen or a green card holder, that gets you right there. Now of course, this goes without saying, but the marriage has to be bonified has to be real. Okay. If it’s a fraudulent marriage more times than not the U S C I S will find.
And there’ll be consequences to that fraction of marriage. So please do it the right way. Uh, don’t get married. That’s just for an immigration benefit that doesn’t, that’s, that’s, uh, fraud that doesn’t work. That’s wrong. Don’t do that. If you happen to have married, uh, a us citizen and a, or a green card, uh, holder for the right reasons, you’re in love, you wanna spend on the rest of your lives.
and then you decide, well, where do we wanna live? Do we wanna live here in the us or, uh, where the foreign immigrants from make that decision? And if it’s here, then go ahead and start the process. Now don’t wait right now. Processing times are about a year. And so the longer you wait, the longer you put off the year, doesn’t start ticking until you file your forms.
Your I one 30, your I one 30, a your, uh, one I 40. and if you’re here in country, then you’re gonna wanna do the I, um, 7 65 to get your employment authorization document. If you wanna leave the country, you’re gonna want, which I don’t recommend, but if you wanna leave the country while, while your application is pending, then you’re gonna want to do an I 1 31, which is, uh, advanced parole.
So don’t put it off. It takes about a year right now to get your. . Um, okay, so what other ways? Oh, well let me just, so there’s two categories. So you got the immediate family and we’re gonna have to do a part two of this because I’m already running outta time. Um, but so you got the immediate family, you know what, before I even get there, let’s let’s do this again.
Um, please. Um, if you like this video, if you like this series, go ahead and like me right now. Go ahead and subscribe up here. And. Also hit that little be for the notifications. Okay. And, um, oh also you can get a free half hour consultation with me. Okay. So if you look below, you’ll see my Calendly scheduler.
You can go ahead and go there and schedule a time with me half hour free. All right. So, and you talk about any issues regarding immigration and we’ll set up like a zoom type. It’s Microsoft teams. And I’ll go ahead and answer your questions at that time. So you can do that right now. All right. Let’s move on.
So you got two major categories, you got the, um, immediate relative. Okay. Which is the spouse, husband or wife, the parents and, uh, children. Okay. Uh, children have to be, or the, the sponsor has to be over 18 and, um, the, the children that the beneficiaries had to be under 18 UN. Okay. That’s how that works. Now, that’s the number one category for those, for those in that immediate relative category, there are no limits as far as the amount of visas that can be issued every year.
Okay. So that’s limitless. Now you go to the next category, and then now we’re dealing with the visa of Ted, which comes out every month and there are limits there on the amount of visas that this country. Uh, issues every year and that’s per country. So this, it gets a little bit more complicated. So when you have, let’s just say a us citizen sponsoring a child that’s over 21 or 18.
I’m sorry. Now we’re dealing with, uh, different, uh, the F1 category got F1 F two, a three F four F two deals with the legal, permanent residence, the green card holders. The sponsors F three. Now we’re dealing the citizen again. And now you got the married, uh, son or daughter over 18. And then the fourth category F four is former brothers and sisters of a us citizen, not green card holder us citizen.
Now that you’re dealing with a visa bulletin, what you have to do is you got to. Check, you have to go pull the visa visa bulletin, which comes out monthly. And you have to look at your category F one F two F three F four, and your country. Now, most countries are gonna be in the first column there, which is all other countries.
That’s what pretty much says. And then, then you have, uh, China, Mexico, Philippines, a couple other countries, India, which are traditionally back locked, meaning that. There’s not enough visas that the government issues to cover all the people that want to come into the country for that year. And so what they have to do is they backlog it.
So I think right now for let’s just say India for a brother or sister to come in of a us citizen. That’s the F four category. If you go there, you look at the F four, look at India and you’ll see the date that’s back. Okay. And that’s your priority date when you first file your papers to get your green card?
You the U S C I S will send you a priority date. That’s the date we are looking at here in the east bulletin. Okay. And I think right now it’s about 15 years, maybe even 20 years backlog. So in other words, people who 15 years ago, so this is 2022. So you’re looking at 2007. People that filed their papers in 2007 are just now brothers and sisters able to continue the process to get their green card.
That’s how back 15 years that they’re waiting 15 years. So that’s how backed up, uh, the system is right now. Um, but again, that’s not, uh, if it’s immediate relative, you can do it right. Okay. If it’s, uh, something other than that, then you have to look at the visa bolt and go from there. All right. I’ve gone way over my time.
This is what I wanted to say at the beginning. Uh, here it is to get your green card start now takes about a year. It doesn’t, it could be family based. It could be employment based. It could be asylum. It could be investment. It could be, um, starting a business. So there’s lots of ways to get your green. So please, um, subscribe, like if you like and put the notification, hit the little bell, so you’ll be notified when my video’s coming up again, because I only talk about all these things over the next several weeks.
Okay. Thank you so much. You guys have a great day.

Thanks For Watching!

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