, Has Florida Gone Mad?

Has Florida Gone Mad?

Hi everybody. This is Jerry Gerritsen from Tabea Law. Today we’re gonna talk about this, these new rules from Ron DeSantis in Florida, the governor of Florida. What, what I’m calling this is, has Florida gone mad? And the reason I say that is these rules are pretty heavy, and what we’re talking about is immigration law, right?

Which is federal law. But we got the Governor of Florida interjecting these state laws that what they do is, again, we’re not changing federal law, right? But he’s enhancing the enforcement of these federal laws with the state laws. So that’s what we’re gonna talk about. We’re gonna do a multi-day series on this.

It’s affecting people’s lives in, in a rough way. I’m all for immigration reform, but not this way. Immigration. Reform needs to take place at the federal level because it’s immigration law it’s federal law.

Hi everybody, this is Jerry Garrettson Tabia Law. We’re gonna be talking today about has Florida gone Mad? Okay? We’re gonna talk about the new rules that Doran DeSantis, the Governor of Florida has come out with that enhances the enforcement of federal law, immigration law. All right? And so we’ll talk about that.

But before we get there, let me remind you to go ahead and subscribe and like this like this video if you like it, but subscribe. And you can do that right here. You can see the little button up there. So you can see future videos of this. And of course we’re gonna have a multi series multi videos on this topic because it’s very important and it’s Urgent, especially if you live in Florida.

And then also if you’d like, you can get notifications of this. So you’re gonna want to hit that little bell up there so it can be notified of future videos. Let me be your guide, your partner to the world of immigration law. Right now it’s gigantic especially in Florida, but. You know this is a presidential season and folks are jockeying for position on the Republican side especially.

And so this is in Florida now, but you may see copycat immigration rules or state laws enhancing federal or enforcement of federal law in other states. If DeSantis is doing it, then maybe another governor in another state does it. Don’t know. All I know is it’s going on in Florida now. Let me get to the particulars and I’ll read a little bit here.

We’ll talk and then we’ll be done For today, DeSantis signed Senate bill 1718 into law. This was May 9th, 2020, 23. Okay. It’s actually my birthday about a month ago. So it’s brand new law, and one of the things that you have to think about with new laws, especially when they’re radical, like this is how long they will last.

Because generally the courts get involved and the process is stalled or stopped or changed or whatever. But we’ll, we’ll see if that happens. Or not. So that’s the first thing I wanna say. Second thing is that, well, let me just continue to read here. A comprehensive effort to restrict the ability of undocumented individuals to live and work in Florida by dramatically enhancing the ability of state law enforcement to enforce immigration laws.

It requiring. Okay, so here, here’s a list of items that we have here. And by the way, I’m reading from, I’m a member of ala the American immigration Lawyers Association. I’m reading from a third document right here that they put out. Here are the items that we’re looking at, we’ll be focused on in the next several weeks as we go into this.

Series of has Florida gone mad? And here’s, here’s again, I, I just wanna repeat myself. I’m for immigration law, and when I say immigration law or immigration reform, so I’m an immigration attorney. I practice all 50 states licensed in Barr in California, federal law, you can practice all 50 states. And so I want people.

To be able to come into this country, that it’s gonna push the country forward, that I want people to do it the right way. I want people to come here legally and stay and enjoy their lives. Now there’s, there’s limits and I understand that and I get that. However, our system right now, as you hear over and over and over from both sides of the political aisle is broken.

It’s broken, which means what means the laws are so antiquated and difficult that common people have to hire attorneys like me to get it figured out, to try to do it the right way. And if they don’t have the means and if they don’t have the time or whatever, they just don’t. And so they’ll do it illegally.

And that’s what we’re trying to avoid. We don’t want people doing it illegally. Because it’s harmful to them that they get caught and they’re sent off away, and families are disrupted in problems. We don’t want that. We want a harmonious country with people coming in and out and this country being moved forward because of it.

This is a country of immigrants, by the way. So let’s, let’s go ahead and move on with this. This is not a change of federal law. Federal law has not changed one bit on immigration with this bill that DeSantis signed. What he signed is he’s given the Florida State officials enforcement, he’s enhancing their ability to enforce federal law.

That’s already on the books. Okay, and here’s. Some of the ways he’s doing that. Number one he’s requiring hospitals to maintain data on patients immigration status. Okay? So that’s something that Florida is doing now. And so people in the hospital are undocumented now. They’re gonna be looking at their immigration status.

Number two. The use mandating the use of E-Verify by Florida employers with over 25 employees. So here we go. Now we got the businesses that are dealing with this in a big way because the e-verify is improving or showing that the worker, the employee is documented or not undocumented. Right? By the way, I’m just doing a topical survey today.

I’ll be getting into each one of these areas of the law that DeSantis signed really specifically over the next several weeks. Okay? So you wanna stay tuned. You wanna come back to this challenge, you wanna listen to this? Okay, so we have that. And then number three, restricting access to Florida driver’s licenses as well as state bar licenses.

If, if somebody undocumented wanted to become an attorney, which by the way, you can. So and they’re barring, they’re barring that and adding state, civil and criminal penalties for violations of its provisions. So they’re putting teeth into these enforcement, not to civil, but criminal. And that gets people’s attention, right?

So, Again, I’m, I’m all for federal law. I’m all for enforcing. However, I’m, I’m more for changing federal law to make laws easier and clearer. So people that do wanna do it right and that do wanna do it legally have paths to do it that are reasonable map paths that are so antiquated and oftentimes don’t work for them, and they just default.

To doing it illegally, and we don’t wanna do it illegally at all. We don’t recommend, we don’t, we’re we’re against that. Okay, we’re, we’re for legal immigration, but we need to fix the laws to make it workable for everybody. And this is a, a rough way to move things forward. And it’s probably more of a political statement than it is.

I’m trying to fix the problem here. So anyways, that’s in, that’s it for today. I wanna talk a whole lot more in the coming weeks, so you’re not gonna wanna miss that. Before I go, I’m gonna do my Bible verse of the day. It’s in Genesis two 20 and the Bible says, in Adam gave names to all cattle and to the foul of the air and to every beast of the field.

But for Adam, there was not found and helped me for him. Again, wanna encourage you to subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already done that. And go ahead and hit that little bell up there so you’ll be notified of future videos. And if you like the video today, please go ahead and like it. All right guys, we’ll see you next time.

Thank you so much.

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