, I Went to the US Embassy in Qatar

I Went to the US Embassy in Qatar

I took Asa, my oldest son, on his homeschool class trip to the World Cup soccer tournament in Qatar last November 2022. Our team USA did well to make it to the knockout round. The other team we were supporting, Germany, disappointedly, did not make it out of group play.

Of course, as an immigration attorney, I could not pass up the chance to see the American embassy in Qatar. However, there was a certain trepidation in visiting the embassy because the last time I visited an American embassy was in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2013 as part of my MBA (University of Alabama) class trip. As I walked up to the embassy in Turkey, I took pictures of the flag and the American compound as a typical American tourist. Well, that was a bad idea, as this embassy in Istanbul had been car bombed by radicals in recent years; thus, security was an issue. After the American embassy officials confiscated my camera and passport, I stood in the American consulate driveway, praying they would quickly give my property back to me and let me go. Thankfully, they did and told me to set up an appointment next time, and they would give me a full tour of the consulate.

Therefore, this time around in Qatar, I was not in a rush to go to another Middle Eastern embassy. I tried to set up an appointment so my son and I could tour the Qatar American embassy, but the embassy was not giving tours at that time, probably because of the crush of people who invaded the country for the World Cup soccer tournament. So my son and I decided to get as close to the embassy as possible, so we could say, yes, we saw the Qatar American embassy and that gorgeous American flag blowing in the warm, arid desert wind.
Of course, embassies and consulates are where the people in that country go for a number of reasons, including immigration. An embassy is the head or the main consulate in a foreign country. A consulate is like a sub-office in support of the main office, the embassy.

As a United States immigration attorney, I interact with people all over the world, helping them come to America, either as a migrant or non-migrant. For people outside of the U.S., we work through the local embassy or consulate to get them here. Thus, the interest in visiting embassies and consulates where ever I travel. By the way, I was happy to see Argentina win because it made for a storybook ending for a legendary player,Lionel Messi.

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