, Is the border still open under Biden?

Is the border still open under Biden?

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Tabea Law, PC provides top-notch legal services focusing on putting your immigration dreams on a fast-track trajectory from start to finish! Our services cover all immigration and related matters, including green cards, adjustment of status, U.S. citizenship, immigration visas, non-immigration visas, business visas, removal law, asylum, and more. Thanks for watching the video. Hello. I wanna talk about today real quick. Uh, about the border. Is the border still open? Under President Biden. And that’s the question today? Uh, you’re gonna wanna listen and watch the whole video till the end, because that’s when I wanna give most of the pertinent information, it’s gonna kind of climax at the end.

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Hello. I wanna talk about today real quick. Uh, about the border. Is the border still open? Under President Biden. And that’s the question today. Uh, you’re gonna wanna listen and watch the whole video till the end, because that’s when I wanna give most of the pertinent information, it’s gonna kind of climax at the end.

And, uh, so you’ll know, uh, the answer to the question here, but, uh, you’ll wanna listen to the whole thing anyways, cuz you’re gonna get, um, a lot of this video, if you’re interested. Immigration law and, and border and, and all that good stuff. Okay. So make sure you, you, you stick with me and, uh, listen all the way through.

Hello, my name’s Jerry Garson Tabia law. I’m us, immigration attorney. And I wanna say, uh, let me be your guide, your, um, your partner in the world of immigration law. And, uh, we’re gonna talk today about the border and, uh, is the border still open under Joe Biden or do they shore things up and close it up?

Uh, at. So we’re gonna talk about that before we do that, please go ahead and subscribe. Uh, please, uh, like, and, um, set up the notifications a little be right there. You’re gonna wanna click that. And, uh, also if you, um, if you want a free half-hour consultation with me, this is one on one via zoom or, uh, Microsoft teams, please go ahead and, uh, you can set up the consultation.

You’ll see Mike Lin Lee, uh, there, and that’s my schedule. You’ll hit that and he’ll show you my schedule for the week and you can pick the day and time for you. That’s gonna work the best so we can get together. And I can personally speak with you and answer any of your immigration questions. Okay.

So let’s get started here. Uh, so the question of the day is, is the border still open? The answer is it should, it’s not supposed to be right. the Porter is open for people that come across legally. And so, uh, in that sense, yes, it’s open. It was open under Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Trump, and Obama, and now under Biden.

However, that’s not what you’re thinking of. I’m sure what you’re thinking of is. This massive flow of illegal entry at the border. And, um, the answer is, is it still open? Well, the, the amount of folks coming through is, uh, a lot and, but those folks are coming in without inspection they’re coming in illegally.

Okay. And unless they have a legitimate asylum. Uh, of a credible fear of persecution or being persecuted in their home country, unless that’s a situation they’re not allowed to come, just come over the border. Right. It’s a, it’s an illegal entry and border patrol will send you out the country if they catch you.

And, uh, so, um, why do we have this big influx? Uh, illegal, uh, immigration today. I think the reason why is that people, first of all, there’s a backlog under. because he built the wall. Right. And, and he, and he increased security there and he had it set up with other governments where they were holding them in their countries.

There was agreements there and all that kind of went away under Biden. And I’m not here to make a political statement or to, uh, uh, go down any rabbit trails. But I will say that, uh, obviously, uh, the policies are. From, uh, this administration from the last. And, uh, so you do have a, a pick up a, a, a larger influx of, uh, migrants now, does that mean that, uh, more people are coming here and staying legally and, and everything’s good?

No, it just means that we have more illegal people, uh, in this country. Um, how can they eventually become legal? Well, that’s the topic for another talk. Um, there is a way. Come here and I’m not talking asylum, asylum’s different. Uh, but to come here and leave, do a waiver, and then come back legally. So there, there is a way to do it.

So, however, and before I do, before I say that, I just wanna remind you guys if you’re enjoying this video. Um, if you like, uh, this, this, uh, presentation, please go ahead and. Uh, go ahead and, uh, subscribe and you can hit the low belt and you can, uh, get notifications of future, uh, videos and just like this one.

Okay. Um, also go ahead. And if you want to, if you want it free half-hour consultation, if you have any issues regarding to immigration law, whether it’s asylum, whether it’s removal. Business employment-based, uh, visas, uh, student visas, green card, family-based, whatever. You can go ahead and set up a free consultation with me below.

You’ll see Mike Lin, Lee’s scheduler. You go there and you’ll see, um, the days and times I’m available. Go ahead and schedule time and free half hour. No. And we’ll talk about, uh, your immigration situation, 1 0 1 via Ms. Teams. And I’ll set that up for you after you, you schedule a time with me. Okay. So go ahead and do that now.

So to finish up with our asylum, or I’m sorry, not asylum, our, our legal entry, uh, are these because it’s Biden, are these people getting, uh, in and are allowed to stay forever? The answer is no, the law hasn’t changed. The law’s the same now as it was with, uh, Trump, as it was with Obama, as it was with all the other presidents.

I mean, there are tweaks and differences, but basically, you’re not allowed just to cross a border and become an American citizen. Okay. You’re just not, uh, and I’m not talking about asylum, uh, if, if there’s a legit. Asylum claimed that yes, there is a pathway to a green card and eventually your citizenship, if you come over now illegally, right, you’re gonna be sent back.

And, um, if you’re not sent back right away, eventually it again, uh, if you don’t have an asylum claim and a lot of these folks are claiming asylum, and that’s why they’re getting bused to different cities. And if that asylum claim is fraudulent or it’s not legitimate, you’re not gonna be able to stay. It doesn’t matter who the president is.

We still have laws in this country that have to be AB OTED by. And, uh, but that’s not to say that if you came over legally and you’ve stayed here for a certain amount of time, there’s, you’re gonna answer reckoning with. And it’s gonna mean your answer to leave the country, but then there are waivers that could be applied for, and they’re granted.

Then you can come, come back legally, uh, during or with, uh, several options for that legal entry, whether it’s a student visa, whether it’s, if you just wanna be here temporarily, uh, you get a B2, tourists visa, uh, whether you want to come here at work, uh, then you’re talking about. Either like an agricultural workers visa, or, uh, an H one, B an H uh, H two B would be agricultural, the H one B would be if you’re, if you’re college educated employment base, or if it’s family based, if you have a family member, spouse, parent, child, brother, sister, that’s a pathway here also.

Uh, if. Have money to invest into this country. There’s an E two, uh, there’s an L visa. So there’s, there’s lots of ways to get in here legally. And if it’s illegally the way you’re doing it now, uh, it’s not gonna work. And, uh, again, doesn’t matter who the president is not gonna work. So please, um, again, uh, if you’d like this video, please like it, go ahead and S.

And hit the little bell for the notification, so you can get the next video. And it was good talking to you. If you want a free half hour consultation, go ahead and, uh, below you can schedule it with me and I just pick the time and, uh, day that works for you. And we can go ahead and, uh, have a free consultation about anything, uh, immigration related.

Okay. Thank you so much. It was good talking to you and we’ll talk to you next time. Bye.

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