, The MOST Important Fact You NEED To Claim Asylum! | Green Card | immigration pensacola |

The MOST Important Fact You NEED To Claim Asylum! | Green Card | immigration pensacola |

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Hi everybody, this is Jerry Garrettson, Tabia Law. Let me be your guide to the world of immigration. Let me be your partner in this venture that you have. As far as becoming a US citizen or getting your green card or just coming here on a visitor visa or coming here to work on a an employment or a business visa.

Lots to talk about. Of course, there’s asylum, there’s diversity visas there’s investment. Visa is a big world of immigration law out there. And let me help you out with that. Today we are gonna talk about asylum law. What’s asylum? Okay, so asylum is when a person is being persecuted or they have a credible fear of persecution from the government of their country, or a government actor, which means the government is using maybe a, a non-government toll entity to persecute.

And because of that, you’re fleeing that country. Now it has to be on one of the five reasons that I wanna state right now. It has to be because of your race, religion, nationality, your membership in a particular social group, or your political opinion. It has to be one of those five reasons that the government is persecuting you.

Here’s the nexus a lot of people miss, and this is the most important fact that you. Okay. As it comes out, I mean, they’re all important, but here it is. This is where a lot of people don’t get asylum, don’t get their they’ll send in their I 5 89 and they won’t get approved. And the reason is, is because they miss or don’t understand this nexus between persecution and one of these five items that I just talked about.

So, Okay, so listen closely. You may be persecuted by the government for some other reason other than the five that I just read off. If that’s the case, that’s not asylum. You may say, well, I’m, I’m being persecuted, and the government’s doing it. Yeah, but if they’re not persecuting you specifically, because if your race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or your political opinion, if it’s for some other reason, that’s not asylum, you’re not gonna be able to claim asylum.

So this is what a lot of people miss and and this is what you’re not gonna miss for now on, right? You need both persecution or a credible fear that you’re gonna be persecuted based on your race or your religion or your nationality, or because you’re a part of a particular social group or because of your political opinion.

It has to be one of those. It doesn’t have to be. It just has to be one of those. And so if they are persecuting you safe because you have poli different political views than the government does and they are specifically persecuting you, attacking you, or you have a credible fear that they’re gonna be persecuting you because of your political views, then that’s asylum.

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