, The Number 1 Best Green Card?

The Number 1 Best Green Card?

Hi everybody, this is Jerry Gerritsen Tabia Law. Today we’re gonna talk about green cards and what’s your, uh, what’s the best and fastest green card to get, And we’re gonna, uh, just hang loose. You wanna make sure you stay through this whole lesson here, this whole. Uh, spiel about grain cards and, uh, don’t skip ahead.

Don’t, don’t cut off, cuz you’re gonna have really important stuff all the way through and especially at the end. Okay. So we’ll see you guys on the other side.

Hello, my name’s Jerry Gerritsen, Taba Law. Okay, so today we’re gonna talk about what is the best and fastest green. All right. And, uh, so you want, I’m gonna go fast. You’re gonna have to listen fast, and we’ll get you the information that you need. Before we do that, um, let me be your partner guide to the world of Immigration.

And, uh, if you want to subscribe, please go ahead and do that. Now, you’re gonna like me if you’d like this video. And also make sure you hit that little, be the notifications so that you can get notified of future and awesome videos like this. All right, the green card. What is the green card? Well, the official name is a legal permanent resident, lpr.

Okay. That means that an immigrant can come here and stay permanently. All right. It’s not a citizenship. It’s one step below citizenship. Is there just one kind of green card? No, there’s several kind of great parts. Um, the green card that we’re talking about today that you’re gonna wanna get, if at all possible, The immediate family green card.

This is the best, easiest, fastest way to get a green card. Now, let me just preface that by saying this. Uh, it has to be legal. It has to be right. You have to play it by the rules, okay? The only reason you get married because you love that person and you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with them, that’s your intent.

It has nothing to do with Immigra. You’re not getting married just so you can get a green card. That’s fraudulent. That’s wrong. Don’t do that. Okay, so if you are in a situation where you got married and it was a US citizen or a person that has a legal permanent resident, a green card themselves, then you qualify as immediate relative, You qualify for a grant card.

Let me take that back. It has to be a United States citizen for you to get your to, for you to go the easiest route and fastest route, which is the immediate relative, okay? Um, not only a person that you married, but if you have a parent and, uh, that has a, that’s a US citizen, then you can get your green card If you are a, uh, child, that’s under 21.

Okay? If you and unmarried, All right, Same thing, same role as a spouse. Immediate. You just go ahead and, um, now if you’re not in the country, you’re gonna consular process, which means that you’ll go to, you’ll fill out the paperwork, the I one 30, and you’ll do the DS uh, two 60, and you’ll go to a local consulate wherever you live, and then you’ll do your interview and come over.

Right now it’s between nine months and a year. Okay? If you’re in a country and you have legal status, then you can adjust your status. . That’s how that works. You fill out your I one 30, your I 4 85 if you wanna work before you get your green card, then you do your I 7 65. If you wanna travel before you get your green card.

Once you get your green card, you don’t have to worry about those things cuz they’re covered. You can travel and you can work. But there’s a wait time again nine months to a year. So if you wanna travel within that time, which I don’t re. I recommend once you file your I 45 for your green card, stay in this country.

Don’t go anywhere. All right. Um, but if there’s an emergency, you have to leave somewhere, then that’s gonna be your I 1 31. All right. That’s your travel documents. Okay. So that’s immediate, relative. And also it’s the parent and the child, right? So the parent, okay. The legal or the, um, the US citizen has to be 18.

If they’re 18, then they can sponsor their parents. That’s immediate, relative. That is the best and fastest way to get, uh, or, uh, that’s the best green card. The fastest green card, because you get it within the nine to 12 months. Now, uh, there are other green cards, right? There’s employment based, there’s diversity place, there’s asylum.

Okay? But they’re not as easy as this. So the easiest, the fastest. Is gonna be your immediate relative. Now, there are other categories in the family base. There’s the category 1, 2, 3, and four. F1, F two, F three, F four. F1 is the category four. Um, this is where you have the US citizen. And then you have, um, the child, I’m sorry, the son or daughter.

That’s over 21. Okay? They’re not a child no more. And they can still get a green card through the the parent. However, now you gotta go to the Visa bulletin and see what if there’s a wait time. And it depends what country you come from. If you come from China or Mexico, Philippines, generally there’s a long wait time.

It could be up to 15, 20 years sometimes before you can file your I 4 85 and get your. That’s why the immediate relative is the best and fastest way. Okay. F two, then you’re getting into the legal permanent resident they can sponsor. Right. But again, you have to deal with a visa bulletin. F three, you’re dealing with a son or daughter over 21 and married.

Okay. Same thing you, you go to Volta and you see what their, what their wait times are, and that’s a whole different subject. And then of course, The F four is for siblings, brother or sister? A brother and sister. United States citizen. Not lpr. Can’t sponsor you. Okay. A brother and sister. A sibling. All right.

That’s F four category. Usually those are really long. Okay. Sometimes they’re current, sometimes they’re good. But if you’re from one of those countries, or even just, uh, any country, it could be a longer wait. All right. Okay, so that’s it for today. Let me remind you, please go ahead and like this video. If you do, you do.

Uh, subscribe and also hit that little bail for notifications. All right, thank you so much, and you guys have a great day

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