, The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Green Card | Tabea Law 8-7-2021 (Saturday) | The Green Card (LPR) | immigration lawyer pensacola | immigration lawyer pensacola florida | us immigration lawyer

The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Green Card | Tabea Law 8-7-2021 (Saturday) | The Green Card (LPR) | immigration lawyer pensacola | immigration lawyer pensacola florida | us immigration lawyer

The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Green Card | Tabea Law 8-7-2021 (Saturday)

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Hello. This is Jerry Gerritsen from Tabea Law. I want to talk briefly today about getting a green card and I want to put together a series called The Ultimate Guide to getting a green card. But I just wanted to briefly touch on it today. So the first thing that one needs to do first is strategy.  Well first of all, what is a green card? The official name is the LPR, which is the legal permanent residence. That’s your status and the green card is a document or the item or the card that shows the world and reveals your status as an immigrant of course. There’s two different gigantic categories for visas or …

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German Transcript:

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