, Uniting for Ukraine

Uniting for Ukraine

Hi everybody, this is Jerry Gerritsen Tabia Law. Happy to see you here today. We’re gonna be talking about this program. For the Ukrainians, because of the war in Ukraine, this country is allowing a special visa for Ukrainians to come from that war, war-torn country into the United States of America.

This is a program that the government has introduced the American government to help Ukrainians that are displaced by this war. And so it could be any supporter. You don’t have to be related to the Ukrainian, it could be. Anybody that you decide to support financially and otherwise to come over to the United States.

The Visa is good for a couple of years two years. And the main, key for the documentation is the I 1 34 A. For any of you that are familiar with this generally a person coming over here, let’s just say on the non-immigrant or an immigrant visa, one of the things that they’ll do if they’re a counselor, counselor process.

Which means that they’re not in the country yet. They’re in their own country, and that they’re going to, they’re going through the local consulate or embassy in their country. So it’s called consular processing. And what you do is at the end, well, the lead up is usually you’re, you’re filling out either the VS one 60 if it’s a, business or an employment visa or the DS two 60 if it’s a family.

So here for this unite for Ukraine, it’s the DS two 60, and one of the items that you do is the. I 34. Now let me back up The I 30 1 34 is for, is typical, it’s what you see all the time, with regular consular processing, not with this United four-year crane. So for regular consular processing, when a person has, has nothing to do with Ukraine.

This is a regular situation where a person wants to come over to this country. The I 1 34. The instrument where the party that is petitioning the party that is bringing the beneficiary, the foreigner into this country there, that is their declaration of support. So the I 1 34 is where the person bringing ’em over the sponsor, the petitioner lays out their financial situation.

Either they are. Take care of them financially, or if the beneficiary has the means, then they don’t need the I 1 34. Well, they’ll need the I 1 34 to prove that they have the means. So that’s what that is. It’s either. You have the money and you don’t need the petitioner to help you or you do need help. So this is the petitioner, their declaration of their financial support and evidence that they could support the party coming over and kind of a guarantee saying, look.

If something goes wrong, I’m on the hook. You know, if they become a public charge, then the government can come back after me. Okay. And this is the petitioner to collect and, and get, get reimbursed for the money as it was paid out to the foreigner. So that’s why the I 1 34 is okay. Declaration of support, the I 1 34 A.

This is what you use for the United four U Ukraine. Don’t confuse ’em. And if you try to do the I 1 34, it’s not gonna work. You have to use the I 1 34 A and that’s set up specifically for the United four Ukraine. What that does is it does the same thing for the petitioner, the American that’s here, that is petitioning and asking for the Ukrainian, to come over to the United States for two.

That person is putting down their financials and they’re saying they’ll be responsible in case the Ukrainian goes on public charter. They’re responsible for ’em financially. Okay? But it goes beyond that. This is the instrument that I 1 34 A which the party actually uses a, to come over here as a visa.

Okay? So the I 1 34 does not act as a vehicle to come here like a. Because you have an underlining visa with the I 1 34. Either it’s a student visa, right? F1, or it’s your green card legal permanent resident, or it’s some kind of other underlying visa that you’re coming over that you actually go to the airport or the port of entry in our exit and you show them that visa, that’s the travel document.

Okay. But in this case, it’s the I 1 34. And so it acts as access not only the support but also as your travel document. So that’s a major difference there. Okay, so I think that’s it for today. I’m gonna read our Bible verse for the day, which is Genesis two, four. The Bible says these are the generations of the heavens and of the earth.

When they were created in the day of the Lord, God made the earth and the heavens.

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