, VAWA self-petitioning | Green Card | U.S. Citizen

VAWA self-petitioning | Green Card | U.S. Citizen

Hi everybody, this is Jerry Gerritsen, Tabia Law. Welcome to our session. Today we’re gonna be talking about getting your Greek card through the Val Well process. That’s a violence against. Act. What is Val? Wow. So Violence Against Women’s Act was set up to protect women and men from abuse, abusive relationships.

In other words, a party a bad actor could or, and, and does in this country happen. This happens. So it happens where there’s a marriage. And then the party, the bad actor uses that marriage or uses, let’s just say this, the, the fact that they can petition and help the partner get their drink card.

They use that as a weapon and they say, well, we’re not gonna help you, we’re not going to petition for you. In other words, they use the law in a bad. And they abuse the partner and they do bad things. So this law is aimed at protecting them so that what happens is a person doesn’t have to be in that position and when there’s abuse that is occurring, they can get out of that relationship and they can still get their green card.

And this is the way they can do it. By using the vowel exception it’s a matter. Filing an I 360 which is a petition self petitioning document, where that party does not need the American citizen or the green card holder, the abusing spouse. So this is where the government allows a person that’s legitimately being abused by their partner to go around them to go ahead and still get their green card to stay in this.

And by using a self petitioning, in other words, you the beneficiary, the party that’s being abused can file this themselves and they don’t need any help. They don’t need any action from the abusing party. And so this is a lifeline for a lot of people that are in bad situations, and the government helps them out by allowing them to still get their.

And so this is an important visa that, or, or an exception to the rule that the government has allowed over the years. That’s a good thing. All right, so let me go ahead and finish here. I’m gonna read this Bible verse that we do, and it’s Genesis 2:3. The Bible says And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.

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