, Can I work in the USA before I get my Green Card?

Can I work in the USA before I get my Green Card?

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Hi everybody, this is Jerry Gerritsen Tabia Law. Happy to have you here. Today we’re gonna be talking about the green card and question I get all the time is, can I. Before my green card comes in, the adjudications these days are around a year and it’s a long time just to be sitting around waiting for your green card.

Today we’re talking about the green card and can I work before I get my green card? Okay. Now you wanna stay on this video all the way through, all the way to the end, cuz at the end I’ll give you the punchline, the the most important part of the video. Okay? What is a green card? A green card. The technical term for it, it’s an visa, it’s a permanent visa legal, permanent resident.

And that means that your intent is to come to the United States and then to stay here for the rest of your life or for the rest of your foreseeable future. That’s a green card, okay? And you get it and a number of different ways today well the most common ways marriage, but you can get it through employment, you can get it through investment.

Certain investments and you can get it through asylum. So there’s a lot of different ways to get your green card. So here’s the deal. The common situation is, let’s just say family based or today, husband and wife get married, they adjust their status. Let’s just say it’s the husband. That’s the immigrant, foreign immigrant.

And so, They submit their application. Now what do they do? It’s gonna take about a year to get your green card. What do you do? Well, what you wanna do when you submit your application is think ahead, number one, if you do it yourself, make sure you’re, of course you have to do your I one 30. That’s a sponsor that’s in our situation.

It’s the wife, the the USC US citizen or the green card holder. She is sponsoring the husband. So that’s your I one 30. Then you want to send an an I as a practitioner, immigration practice. Send the whole package. I sent them all at once. Okay, so your I one 30, your I 45, your I 7 65, your I 1 31, your I 8 64, and then all the checks together.

And of course your pictures for the, for the green card that they’re gonna put on the green card. But anyways, let’s, let’s focus on this here. Of course, you’ll do your I one 30 and your I 45. The I 45 is the adjustment of. Okay. Whatever the status is of a husband. In our example here, let’s just say he came over on a fiance visa.

A K one came over here, and they need to get married in the first 90 days, and then they can move forward. All right, so what would his status be? It’d be K one. It’d be his fiance Visa. That’s his status at this point. Okay. What we wanna do now is adjust that status. We want change it from K one to a LPR or bank card.

How do we do that? We file the I 45. Okay? So that’s get that gets sent in and if you wanna work, okay, you don’t have to work. You can come here and just lay on the couch and do nothing, I guess. But if you do wanna work, and most people do wanna work in the United States, you’re gonna file your I 7 65.

That’s the application to get your e a d, your employment authorization document. These. It’s taken about three to six months to get closer to three or four months. In the old days, COVID, whatever, closer to six to eight months, they’re saying, well, I’m gonna get my green card. With my green card. I can work anywhere, anytime, any place.

Right? Yeah. But that’s gonna be one year. What are you gonna do until you get your green card? You’re gonna want, if you wanna work, you’re gonna wanna work. Well, if you file the I 7 65 at the same time, you’ll get your e a D card, your work permit in the mail. Three or four months from the time you send in your application.

Okay? So you’re saving, you’re cutting three or four months off of that year. So instead of waiting a full year, you’re just waiting three or four months. Now you can’t work until you get your e a D, but at least you’ll be able to work in three or four months rather than staying the whole waiting the whole year and waiting for your green card.

So that’s how you can work before you get your green card, is you make sure that you file your I 7 65 and I. As a package deal everything together so that if approved, you’ll get your work permit within three or four months, and you can be working even before you get your green card. Let me do my Bible verse.

We’re in Genesis 2:6, The Bible says, But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground. Have a great day. Thank you.

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