What Do I Need an Immigration Attorney For? (8-6-2021 Friday)

Hi, everybody, this is Jerry Gerritsen at Tabea law. The question today is, what do I need an immigration attorney for? And the major reason is strategy. You can go online to the US Immigration and Naturalization Services and the US office and you can certainly fill out the forms online the I-130 or the I-140 for business. You can do your four-eighty-five online for a green card. So it’s not the actual filling out the applications that are important, which obviously if you hire us we will do what we need to and will help you, we will walk you through a process that will be a part of that. But really the value that we offer as attorneys is the strategy. And for example, should you could you do an adjustment of status or should you go through counselor processing which was always faster, which way is better? Which way or which option fits your situation better? Have you had issues with coming to the country to stay or with coming over the border uninspected? Do you have problems with past criminal situations? So, in other words, we personalize it and strategize your situation so that you can not only get a visa or get your green card or become a citizen. But we do it in a way that is going to be the least intrusive in your life with a let’s just say the quickest and the fastest way for you to move forward in your immigration situation. And that’s the value you get from an attorney. So that’s the major reason. All right. So you guys have a good day and we’ll talk to you next time, OK? Thank you so much.

What are the Types of International Student Visas? (Thursday 8-5-2021)

Types of International Student Visa are:
โ˜‘ 1. F1 Visa- Academic Studies
An F1 visa is issued to students who are attending an academic
program or English Language Program.
โ˜‘ 2. J1 Visa- Practical Training
A J1 visa is issued to students who need to obtain practical training
that is not available in their home country to complete their
academic program.
โ˜‘ 3. M1 Visa- Non-Academic/Vocational Studies
An M1 visa is issued to a student who is going to attend a
non-academic or vocational school. M-1 visa holders for technical
and vocational programs are not permitted to work during the
course of their studies.
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Start Today With Your Green Card Application! 8-4-2021 (Wednesday)

A Green Card (formally known as a Permanent Resident Card) allows you to live and work in the United States for the rest of your life. The U.S. government issues more than a million green cards each year. The actions youโ€™ll need to follow to apply for a green card will differ depending on your …

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How Long Does It Can Take To Get The Spousal Visa for USA?

By marrying a U.S. resident or a green card holder, an unfamiliar conceived companion gets qualified for a marriage green card, additionally called a marriage-based green card. It relies upon various circumstances. In any case, it should take anyplace between 7-15 months once the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS has all it requires. …

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New immigration laws for America under the new Biden association

Immigration to the US? The U.S. gives visa openings filling many varying needs. Basically, the migration laws in this nation are revolved around the explanation and term of movement. With expanding changes to approaches as of late, it is crucial for discover experienced portrayal for your visa and green card applications. Investigating the mind boggling …

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