, DACA Dreamers of the World Unite | Green Card

DACA Dreamers of the World Unite | Green Card

Hi everybody. This is Jerry Gerritsen Tabia Law. Today I wanna talk about da. The Dreamers of the world Unite. DACA is a deferred action childhood. Arrivals. So this is an Obama era, law that rule in the world of immigration where folks that came over here, children childhood arrivals, came here not of their doing not of their will, their.

Newborns or they’re too young to know what was going on and their parents brought ’em, or somebody else brought ’em into the, the country. So there’s an element of innocence there where they are in this country and they’re kind of stuck here. And so the idea behind. Obama was to have compassion and to have this status of deferred action.

So it, it’s the idea of, okay, these children are here from another country, not their fault. Okay? Somebody else brought them in and what do we do with them? Do we punish them by sending ’em back outta the country or do we try to. Compassion and, and work with them and see if we can’t find, if there’s a better way.

So the Deferred Action, daca, deferred Action Childhood Arrivals is the idea of we don’t know what to do with them yet. Right? There’s, we don’t have law in the books. We, don’t have a rule, but we want them to stay in place, parole in place, stay here, deferred action until there’s action that’s taken some time in the future.

And that’s where we’re at. So we. Hundreds, thousands of children that came here, not of their own choosing, but they’re here and we have this compassionate rule, DACA that keeps ’em here. They’re not removable. They can’t be deported because they have this deferred action. Parole in place, kind of a situation where they can stay here and live until action is later taken on.

How we’re gonna, of what we’re gonna do with them and, and how we’re gonna deal with them. And the, whole idea of this dreamer mentality is that these children are dreaming for a better life, a better way, and to stay. Right. And so, they’re dreaming of getting the green car, dreaming of citizenship.

And so it’s up to our legislative branch to make a decision on that,, to reform immigration, to come up with new laws, new rules. that would protect these children and would give them a pathway to a green card. And so that’s what’s that, that’s what that’s all about. And so dreamers of the world unite with the idea of they’re, you’re here, you’re not alone.

You got others that are like you and you can dream and you can hope and pray for, a better way. And in this country has always been open to immigration, to dreamers. We’re a country of immigrant. right from one mini-right. That’s. Idea. And so this is the the essence of America is our protection of innocence and our inclusion of other cultures, of other people, and of innocence of children coming here, not of their own volition.

And we’re protecting that and looking, to move them forward in a better way. And so that’s what that’s all about.

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