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green card immigration lawyer pensacola | immigration lawyer pensacola florida | immigration lawyer

Removal Law 8-11-2021 (Wednesday)

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Hello, my name is Jerry Gerritsen of Tabea Law, I want to speak briefly today about the law of removal under immigration law. Of course, if you’re dealing with four different generally, there are four different large bureaucratic government agencies that you’re dealing with an immigration law. The big one is Homeland Department of Homeland Security DHS, and under them is the USCIS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. And that is familiar. A lot of people are familiar with them because that’s where they’re getting their green cards. They’re sending their I1 thirties and forties through the US, the IRS. So that very popular, however, when you come to remove a law, you’re dealing with a different agency, so you got DHS and of course under DHS, you have USCIS also you have ice right there. Then the enforcement of, I guess, enforcement branch of DHS. You’re dealing with Customs and Border Patrol. So a lot of different agencies under the Department of. I’m sorry. Department of Homeland Security, which, by the way, this was created after 9/11, if you remember, by the Bush administration, and it kind of took over for the old, I guess, the Immigration and Naturalization Service. So anyways, that’s a bit of history there. So you have DHS, then you have the Department of Labor that you’re dealing with and the Department of Labor is involved with your business visa because they’re the ones that issue the labor certificate. When you go into the perm process, perm process is all about making sure that U.S. workers are not displaced by foreign workers. And if you’re trying to get let’s say hi, I’m H one. B, you’re not going to be born L one or be one of these E one. You’re not going to be able to for example, you’re not going you’re not going to get a labor certificate unless you can prove that by hiring this foreign beneficiary, that’s foreign worker that you want to hire by hiring them, you are not going to displace an American worker. So that’s the whole idea behind. Of course, you can see the policy. We don’t want to be having our local economy hurt, having our unemployment rate go up because we’re not hiring local. We’re not hiring Americans, we’re hiring foreigners. And that’s not what we want to do as a country as harmful to our country. So that’s why we have the perm process labor certificate under the Labor Department set up as the reason for that. But those are four business pieces. Also, number three, you have the Department of State and Department of State gets involved when you have people, obviously from different countries going to our embassies, going to our consulates and doing what you call a consular processing to get their green cards before they even come to the country or their visas. And so you have the Department of State involved because these of course, this is the department that handles foreign relations. And you have Americans in a consulate or an embassy. So you have Americans in foreign lands. Right. Let’s just take example. Our embassy in Tijuana, Mexico, those are Americans are inside of Mexico. So that’s why you have the Department of State involved. And then lastly, how the Department of Justice (DOJ)… So that’s it for today. And we’ll see you guys next time. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

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manelyk el centríolo Speed free fire y Modern Warfare Dark Edition… One moment of homeland Security Android más esencial en el Instagram Stories for Instagram

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