, The Fastest Way to Get Your Fiancée Visa | green card| Immigration pensacola |

The Fastest Way to Get Your Fiancée Visa | green card| Immigration pensacola |

Hi everybody this is Jerry Gerritsen Tabea law. Today, we’re going to be talking about the best way to get your fiance here to you do the K-1 visa or just do consular processing? K-1 visa, what is that stuff? They call it that we call it the fiancee visa. Which means that you have a fiancee that’s not in this country and she’s abroad.

You are either a U.S. C. Actually, you had to be a citizen. Okay. So as the U.S. citizen, you you petition the foreign person, have them come over here. You get married here in the first 90 days and then you file for your green card. And it’s fairly simple as that. What’s the other way to do it, counselor processing.

Which means that you go to their area, country and whatever, and you marry them there. Once you’re married, you come back home. They stay there. They counselor process, which means they do all the paperwork there and then they go to the local American embassy or consulate, do their interview. They pass and they come out to the United States with a green card, which one is better generally?

And there’s differences because it depends what consulate you’re dealing with. And that’s why we have American consulates all over the world. That depends what your situation is as far as how soon you want to be with the person. Overall, the counselor processing is to get your green card is faster because you start the process right when you get married.

With the K-1 visa, you don’t start the process until the person gets here. You marry them after 90 days, then you start the process. So it’s a longer process for the K-1, for your green card, however you generally get the person, the foreign national here in this country faster because the K-1 visa allows them to come travel, hearing and marry you and generally back at least six, seven, eight months, maybe longer.

Whereas the counselor process thing is about a four year difference of course is when you’re done with the counselor processing, they have the green card. When you get them over here for the K-1, they’re just starting the process. But the difference again is it depends what you want. Do you want them here sooner? Because once they get here, your fiance, then they stay here and you do all the processing, you do all the paperwork here, or they just want their green card as soon as possible and you’ll wait a couple extra months in order to see them, but at least they’ll have their green card.

Another thing is, where do you want to have the wedding? So if you are bent on having that wedding in the United States, then you’re looking at the K-1 visa, right? If you don’t care if it’s okay to have it in the foreign nationals home country, then you fly out there to wherever it is, marry them there, and then you cancel process.

So the answer to the question of what is better is it depends. That’s a good lawyer answer, I guess. All right. Let me read the Bible here or in Genesis two. And the Bible says and a river went out of Eden to water the garden. And from there it was parted and became into our foreheads. Thank you so much.

I’ll see you guys next time.

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