, Can I file for a green card by myself? | Green Card | immigration lawyer pensacola florida |

Can I file for a green card by myself? | Green Card | immigration lawyer pensacola florida |

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Tabea Law, PC provides top-notch legal services focusing on putting your immigration dreams on a fast-track trajectory from start to finish! Our services cover all immigration and related matters, including green cards, adjustment of status, U.S. citizenship, immigration visas, non-immigration visas, business visas, removal law, asylum, and more. Thanks for watching the video. Hi everybody. This is Jerry Gerritsen Tabia and law. Uh, today I wanna talk about getting your green card and getting your green card now. Uh, we don’t know, uh, how the, uh, immigration and climate’s gonna change in the next couple of years. We know what it is now. And, uh, it’s a good idea that if you are in a position to get your grain, Don’t hesitate. Okay. Thank you so much. You guys have a great day.

Hi everybody, this is Jerry Gerritsen Tabia Law. I’m gonna be talking about today, this idea of getting a green card and , can I just go do it by myself as a lay person, or do I have to hire an immigration attorney? And we’re gonna talk about that shortly. So it’s a stay tuned. Please stay throughout the whole, uh, video here.

And, , I got some important stuff at the end, but you don’t wanna miss it. It’s good information. You wanna stay on through the whole thing. All right. Thank you so much. Seeing a little,

Hi, my name’s Jerry Garretson, Tabia Law. Uh, we’re gonna talk about. Getting a green card today, and can you do it? Can a light person competently get it themselves or do they need, uh, do they have to have a lawyer help them? Okay. So let’s talk about that today. Before we do that, please go ahead and subscribe, uh, like if you like and hit the notification, that little bail right there, so that you could, uh, be notified of feature videos.

Also, what I wanna say, Um, if you go to the bottom of this, uh, video, you’ll see where you can, uh, get a free half hour consultation with me, and, uh, you can talk about anything you want as far as, uh, immigration is concerned, and, uh, we can, I’ll answer, we’ll get on a Zoom call or if the Zoom doesn’t work, it’ll be a.

Telephone call. And, uh, anyways, we can take care of you and get your, uh, questions answered. All right? So let me be your guide to the immigration world. Let me be your resource. And, um, again, stay on this whole, uh, video. Don’t, don’t click out, don’t click around. Uh, at the end, I wanna give some especially important information, so you’re, you’re gonna wanna stay tuned.

All right, So let’s talk about the green card. Can I just do it myself? The answer. Yeah, you can. You don’t have to have an attorney. Now immigration law can get there. It does get complicated and it depends where you’re at if you’re just looking. Of course, we’re, we’re talking about green cards, so I’ll just stay on that subject of Green Card.

What’s a green card’s? A legal permanent resident. It’s a, it’s a status that a person can stay. Uh, in perpetuity, right? Um, you’re not a citizen, okay? That’s the, that’s the next step up. That’s a final step. But a green card holder, you have all kinds of opportunities. Uh, you have, uh, all kinds of, um, rights in this country to work, to stay here without having to renew.

Uh, now the green card itself is either gonna be a two year or 10. and, uh, that the card itself will have to be renewed, uh, but it doesn’t affect your status. So in other words, if, if you get the, uh, legal, permanent resident status, you don’t have to ever. Update or, or get a new green card, You’ll get your, your first green card.

And I’m talking about the 10 year, the two years difference. Uh, the conditional legal permanent resident. That’s something different. But as far as your, uh, 10 year, your, your normal green card. Your status never ends. Okay. Now, unless you get, you commit a crime or something like that and you get removed from the country, that’s different.

Okay. But I, I’m just generally speaking, if you’ve, once you get your green card, that status stays now kind of like a driver’s license. Um, uh, your green card does expire. Um, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to drive no more, right? Or, or let me, let me do it this way. Uh, the pa your passport, okay, Your passport does expire generally there for 10 years, I’m an American passport.

When your passport expires, you don’t stop becoming a US citizen. There’s still a US citizen. It’s just that now it’s, uh, you’re gonna have a hard time leaving and coming back in the country cuz you don’t have your. Right. Uh, so it’s kind of the same way with the green card. When the green card expires, you don’t stop being a legal permanent resident.

It is now more difficult to go in and outta the country, so you’re gonna wanna renew it. So you get the proof to the, uh, border officials that you’re a legal, permanent resident, and the green card’s your proof. So, can I just do this myself? Yes, yes you can. And what you do, it just, it depends what it is. If it’s counselor processing where you’re in another country, you’re not here yet, then you go to the website, uh, you’re gonna be dealing with the Department of State, uh, and you’re filling out the paperwork, the DS two 60.

And, uh, you’re, you’re doing everything that, uh, you can do this online. And then, uh, generally you’re gonna have an interview where you go to the local consulate in whichever country you’re in. And, uh, if you pass the interview, then they stamp your passport and you’re coming to the America. If, uh, you’re here in this country already on a different visa or some other different status, and you want.

Adjust your status to a green card. You could do that and you just go online and you’re gonna be filling out the I 45 and, and, uh, other documents, depending upon what your needs. But the idea is you don’t need an attorney now. Things get complicated. Uh, so, um, oftentimes people will use an attorney because they, they, uh, are fearful about getting rejected or they don’t know how to fill out the form, uh, correctly.

Um, they want help with the interview. They want people to give ’em tips on or, or let them know what’s gonna happen at the interview. So they’ll. Better prepared, uh, to face the interview. And, um, and oftentimes they don’t have a lot of time to research and do this stuff themselves, so it’s easier just to hire an attorney.

Uh, so before we finish today, and I, I have one more thing to say is, um, please subscribe. Um, go ahead and hit the little bells that you can, uh, be notified of future, uh, videos like. And then like it if, if you like this video and then of course you get the half hour free consultation below, go ahead and click the ly.

What you’ll do on that is you’ll see my schedule, you’ll be able to go on there and pick a day and time that works for you, and we’ll either have a Zoom call or be on the telephone all. So go ahead and do that. Now. The last thing I wanna say. Is this, Be careful, right? I’m, I’m a US Immigration attorney. If you do this on your own, be careful that you’re covering all your bases, okay?

Because there’s a lot of, a lot of things that are in play, okay? Again, you can file it and do it yourself, however you wanna make sure that you understand what the situation is. If you’ve come over illegally. You’re gonna have a real tough time getting a green card unless you go asylum, or, or, or, you know, it’s, it’s not gonna work.

Right. Uh, that, that’s one of the, the first items, uh, that, um, the government looks at is what’s your status and how did you get here and was it legal? Um, you’re gonna have to look at your. Do if, I mean, do you have a criminal background, right, that’s gonna enter into it? Are you sick? Do, do you have some kind of disease?

So there’s different things that are gonna affect your situation. Um, now when you go, when you start filling out the farm, either the department of state, the two 60, uh, the S two 60, or, uh, if you’re gonna adjust status, you’re filling out the I 45, you’re gonna get these questions. Right. So as you start filling out the forms, you’ll start getting an idea of what you need to know and, and, and what they’re looking for.

Um, so the answer is no. You don’t need a immigration attorney to get a green card. Um, although of course it helps. Attorneys generally are experts in their area, okay? And they don’t have to be the expert. There are some experts that are, uh, board certified, but what I’m talking about is that they’re gonna give you advice that’s gonna be able to push the process forward.

Okay? So again, thank you very much. You have a good day, and we’ll see you next time. Bye.

Thanks For Watching!

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